Style Hacks & Tricks

Hello lovelies,

I recently found out about a wonderful company called Betabrand who is helping people share style hacks, and I thought I could join and share them with my fellow bloggers!Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.42.17 PM I think this company is super awesome because it merges comfort with style! They do really cool items like yoga pants that look totally professional (like you could wear these to the office or to an interview!) but are still super comfortable.
I’ll link the women’s clothing page here so you lovelies can explore all their products!

The whole concept of Betabrand clothes is similar to Kickstarter because “users can crowdsource clothing concepts and prototypes into actual products” (so cool!)


So here are a couple style hacks/tricks I have come to use on a regular basis!

1. Secretly Dress Comfy

Find those items that look clean, professional and put together but that are secretly super comfy! For me that usually means finding simple items like grey, white or black t-shirts or just flowy tops that let you move and breath!

2. Move 

I like to perform 3 tests when I try on clothes before buying them so that I know they will fit comfortably!
A) If I can squat in them (Yes! I squat in the changing room basically anytime I try on bottoms) then I know the fit is pretty good!
B) If I lift my leg and bend my knee and I can see through the material then it’s likely that the same will happen when I bend over (I learnt this trick recently after shopping at Lululemon!)
C) For tops I like to reach forward, reach up and touch my toes. If I feel that it’s wayyyy tight then I don’t buy it because I know that I won’t feel comfortable wearing it.

3. Hanger Trick

I know I have quite a few tops and dresses that would remigho-hanger-1
stretch at the neckline if I hung them normally on a hanger so this is what I do instead! I fold the item over the bottom part of the hanger so that the shirt/dress doesn’t wrinkle or get creases but doesn’t stretch either!

4. Up A Size

Buy your clothes one size larger when it comes to cheap stores like forever 21 because things shrink & it’s a horrible feeling when your shirt becomes small enough to fit a toddler

I’m not the best when it comes to serious rehab on clothes like wine stains, rips, and all that good stuff so I was excited when Betabrand sent me their tips and tricks for style hacks!


I hope these tips and tricks help you all out with clothing emergencies, shopping and more! Let me know if any of you lovelies have style hacks or tips that I NEED to know about, I’d love to hear them!




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