Study Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year again, where we all head back to school ready for months of reading, studying and learning!
Since we obviously all want to start the school year with great study habits I thought I would give you lovelies 7 study tips I have come to use!



  1. Write It Down

    I know most of you probably are tied to the hip with your phone/laptop/ipad but it’s time to lose the tech. Next time your taking notes for a class write it down by hand! It has actually been proven that writing down notes by hand will make you remember the information way more!
    This also applies for readings from big textbooks!

  2. Rewrite It

    On that note, once it’s time for that test or exam take all your notes back out! ThisDSC_4592time try rewriting ALL your notes for that test but sum everything up in your own words to make your notes shorter and more understandable for yourself!
    This also makes you understand each part of your notes since you have to sum it up in YOUR words!

  3. Explain It / Teach it

    Once you’ve got those notes summed up and you understand most of it find a victim! I usually use my mom or dad and explain it all to them! My theory behind this is that you have to understand something before you can explain it to someone so if you can’t seem to explain something to them than obviously that’s something you should study more!

  4. Record It & Listen 

    You can now proudly take out your phone WOOHOO!!!
    This is something I’ve been doing for a pretty long time because it works and it’s easy!
    Just open the voice memo app on your phone and record yourself explaining all your notes. You can do multiple recordings for each chapter or section or record the whole thing at once it’s really up to you! (This is also perfect if you don’t have anyone for # 3)
    Once it’s recorded and saved on your phone, listen to the voice memo when you’re on the bus to school or before bed!

  5. Organize

    Just organize your notes so everything is clear and you can sort of remember how the info was separated. This can mean colour coating, highlighting, size of your writing and even spacing!
    Also, making little diagrams or drawings can be super helpful for understanding information

  6. Timing 

    Space it out! Give yourself time to study by not leaving it to the last minute. Try doing a bit every day!

  7. Hour Of The Day

    Study at the right time like before or after super or in the morning! Avoid studying at night, you may feel productive but anything you do between 10 pm and 5 am is definitely either not quality work or just not being remembered (that’s just what I think!)

I hope these tips will help you all out this school year whether that’s in high school, cegep, college or university!
Let me know in the comments below if any of you lovelies have tips and tricks for studying that I should totally know about!



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