Review // Erin Condren Planner

Hey everyone!

This review has been a long time coming, I purchased this agenda/planner in august last year thinking I had made a really smart choice. NO.

I feel like I need to list the pros and cons of this planner because it wasn’t a great choice for me but for some it can be an amazing planner, everyone is different!



  • Super pretty!
  • It can be customized specifically for you and by you! You can pick your own cover, what’s written on the front (your name, your families name…) and the direction of the columns (vertical or horizontal)
  • It comes with so many extra things like stickers, extra goodies in the back, a bookmark, a birthday booklet…
  • If you are into planner stickers that people create online, this is the planner for you because I swear that at least 80% of templates online are for the vertical dimensions of this planner.
  • High quality



  • It’s bulky, for some it might be a really perfect size but for someone who has to lug around their backpack 24/7 for school, having a planner that is thick, large and heavy is just not fun.
  • I somehow feel that I don’t have enough room on each day or its just not well structured for me.
  • I stop using it for a while all the time. I will use it for a good month and then the next thing you know I haven’t used it for 3 weeks because I can’t just bring it with me everywhere.
  • It’s expensive, like almost 80$ for a planner expensive
  • Because of how expensive it was, the whole time I’ve had it I felt like it was precious, that I had to write super nicely and decorate it and all that jazz, which just made me use it less


As you all might or might not know, I am studying to become an elementary school teacher. After looking through the erin condren site last august I noticed that they sold a teacher planner! Now that’s something I am looking forward to trying after my studies!


All in all this planner is not for everyone and definitely not for me. A lot of people love it and swear  by it (many youtubers) but I honestly believe it’s not the best for a student because of its price and size.

Hopefully this helps some of you out next time you’re looking to purchase a cute planner or just looking into erin condren products!

Lots of love,



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