Living Lokai


OMG! I am absolutely so excited to talk about this wonderful company!!!!!

When I first got a lokai bracelet it actually changed my life, I swear I wear a lokai bracelet EVERY SINGLE DAY! Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

These bracelets are the most comfortable bracelets ever! They aren’t beads at all, these bracelets are made of silicon so you end up forgetting you have a bracelet on (which is crazy to me)!
Plus you have absolutely no worries with these bracelets because you can wear them in water and basically any conditions which means you don’t have to remember to take them off before going in the pool (which I forget to do with a lot of bracelets and watches)

This company not only designed really pretty bracelets but they also brought in the aspect of charity and giving back!
With each bracelet, 10% goes to helping one of the causes they support.
When you purchase a limited edition bracelet, this 10% will go to a specific charity like shark protection, Alzheimer’s, save the children, make a wish foundation and so many others!

These bracelets remind you to stay balanced! To “stay humble when you’re at your highest and stay hopeful when you’re at your lowest” but they also make you feel proud and happy about your purchase!


I love this company and hope you all love it too! Let me know in the comments if you know of any similar bracelet companies I should check out!



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