New Lush Products

“Imagine if a Lush store flooded!”


So I’m a tad late on uploading this post because I actually received these babies a while ago for my birthday from wonderful friends and family!!!
I haven’t used them yet (I feel like they are precious) but I thought I would show you lovelies which ones I have and my initial thoughts on them!


Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb

“As soon as this cheerful egghead touches the water, his caramel-smooth personality is revealed in notes of bright bergamot and Brazilian orange oils. Crack a smile as his outer shell breaks away, revealing a hidden alter-ego, a perfectly formed fried egg (an all-vegan variety of course). If you’re in a hump and down in the dumps, it’s now easy to flip your spirits onto the sunny side.”

Mine sadly cracked in half already but it’s actually kind of a good thing because I can now use all three big bits for three different baths!


Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

“The original Easter egg-shaped bath bomb, Fluffy Egg is a classic customer favorite that we bring back every year for its masses of incredibly loyal fans. While we love the cheery pink color, it’s the intoxicating candy-sweet aroma that will really draw you in to its fluffy ways! Pop this one in the tub to sink deep into softening, brilliantly pink water—you’ll be left smelling like scrumptious vanilla cotton candy. Delicious!”

This little cutie is pretty much an easter version of the Pink Bath Bomb which smells wonderful and makes your water a pretty pink!


Rose Jam Bubbleroon

“Inspired by delicious handmade macarons, our Rose Jam Bubbleroon features our intoxicating lemon-rose perfume. It’s based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they’re also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the dreamy shea butter icing that sticks the two halves of this bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak.”

I cannot wait to use this wonderful bath melt that you can actually get 2 uses out of by twisting the 2 parts to separate it! Plus it makes bubbles and who doesn’t love that!


Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

“Wiccy Magic Muscles is our spicy massage bar for aching muscles. The first time you use one of these, it you’ll notice the sensation of peppermint and cinnamon spice oils which make the skin feel warm and tingly. The red pieces on the top are aduki beans, which work into the muscles like firm fingertips for a relaxing massage. We’re using our new aeration technique on our Wiccy’s to make them melt into the skin easier, making for a soft, smooth massage. When you’ve worked yourself into a pretzel in yoga class, or had a long day on the slopes, head home and convince someone to rub this one in. Ahh, that’s better.”

This awesome massage bar smells like the best mix of spices and I can’t wait to use it! I feel like this thing will work wonders on the skin!


Small Brightside Bubble Bar (Gift Box Version)

“Everything about this Bubble Bar will leave you feeling cheerful and looking on the bright side of life! When you crumble this one under the tap, your tub will turn into a vivid, hypnotizing red-orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles. Sink in and inhale the uplifting citrus blend of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, and imagine yourself in a sun-drenched locale. You’ll emerge from the tub feeling energized and smelling like a dream!”

This is one of the cutest bubble bars I’ve seen because of how small it is! It’s like the baby of the larger bright side bubble bar and I can’t wait to pop this one under running water for a mountain of bubbles!

Hopefully I get to use these babies soon so I can review them and let you all know my thoughts on them!

Let me know if you lovelies have any suggestions or tips when it comes to Lush products!

Have a wonderful weekend




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