This is obviously a photography filled post but its also an important one! Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are super important to me and so are the people in my life.

This year, my family and I decided that instead of going on a vacation we would go on hikes every weekend! This is such a great way not only to spend time outdoors and in nature, but too also spend time with family!

We’ve gone on hikes 2 weekends now and I absolutely love it! It’s refreshing, calming and fun plus it gets my mind off of exams, school and work.

Let me know if you lovelies have any suggestions on fun ways to get your heart pumping outside!




13 thoughts on “Hiking

  1. The photos are amazing! I wish I had somewhere nice to hike her me-and the weather to do it in! It always seems to be raining as soon as I want to go for a hike haha! x

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