Makeup Brushes


This is probably going to be one of my shortest posts and I am so sorry for missing so many upload days but right now is crunch time with university exams!

I wanted to talk to you lovelies about these makeup brushes that are probably the most affordable I’ve found but are still very dependable! They do the job, they last and they are not going to scare you at the checkout with their price.

I got the smaller sized kit from BH Cosmetics online and love it but my sister also got the HUGE makeup brush set from them and uses a ton of the brushes so whatever fits your needs in terms of makeup brushes, they’ve got it!

I had the 15 piece kit and my sister had the 36 piece kit!

BH Cosmetics

Here are the brushes I use for my kit and what I use them for (probably all wrong haha) (And I know… I need to clean them asap)

  1. I use this one for bronzer and blush


  2. I use these ones for eyeshadow (probably not right at all) and for putting white eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eye


  3. I obviously use this for my eyebrows!


  4. I use this brush for powder because of how big and fluffy it is!


  5. I use this brush for my concealer but i find it leaves too many strokes so I want a bigger brush more like the one I use for powder!


So those are the brushes I use the most! I totally recommend getting your makeup brushes from BH Cosmetics if you’re on the look out!
Let me all know if you have any tips or suggestions when it comes to makeup brushes and how to use them!!

Have a wonderful week!




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