Easter Favourites


This month was my birthday month (YAY!!!) and as such, I ended up receiving a bunch of adorable gifts that I am using like crazy!

I quickly realized how many of my new items were completely “Easter themed” or in just the perfect Easter colours, so here are a couple that I have definitely been absolutely loving the past couple weeks!

  1. Animal Kingdom Colouring Book by Millie Marotta

    Recently everyone has been getting into this adult colouring book frenzy and I want in! For the past month, me and my sister had been printing mandala’s online to colour. So when my grandma got me this beautiful colouring book I was so happy!!!
    The drawings are sooo detailed and varied. It’s really relaxing and super great to do when you are feeling a bit bored!
    My sister, my mom and I like to watch TV as we draw in our books: It’s fun, relaxing and actually cuts cravings by keeping my mind occupied!
    Millie Marotta has 3 different books: Animal Kingdom, Tropical Wonderland and Wild Savannah.

    Millie Marotta Colouring Books


  2. Little Blue Notebook 

    I LOVE stationary & I LOVE notebooks and journals! I have about 50 different notebooks scattered all over my bedroom and I still want more (WHY do I do thisss)
    This has to be one of my favourites because it’s so simple! I love the colour and the cover is really soft!

    Winnable Notebook in Pale Blue


  3. Bunny Socks

    I am always losing socks or somehow ending up with only one of each pair so new socks are always needed!
    These adorable bunny socks are perfect for easter and are super comfy!
    Forever21 is awesome for socks because they aren’t expensive but super cute.

    Forever 21 Socks


  4. Pink Sweet & Flirty Mist

    This body mist is super pretty but also smells amazing! Sadly, when I got it, the spray nozzle thing wouldn’t work so I am going to have to go back to exchange it. That doesn’t really affect the smell which is just sooo good!
    It’s sweet but not too sweet and I’ve wanted a Victoria’s Secret Body Mist for a while now so I am super happy with it!
    It is definitely a fresh sentsugar berry and pink grapefruit

    Victoria’s Secret Sweet & Flirty Body Mist


  5. Pilot G2 Metallics (Gel Pens)

    I have been obsessed with these gel pens for a while now! They glide so well, the colours are just so pretty and I like gel pens… A LOT haha.
    I use them for DIYs, for colouring, for writing in my planner or notebooks…
    It may seem weird to use gel pens (we used to use as kids) but they just look so pretty and work so well how can you not!

    Pilot Gel Pens


  6. Polka Dot Pencil Case

    This adorable pencil case comes from Winnable and is perfect for storing all my pretty pens! The gold and turquoise colours of the pencil case are just so pretty, I absolutely love it.
    A pretty pencil case is an essential for a stationary lover!

    Winnable Pencil Case


I hope you all had/are having an amazing easter weekend! I will definitely try to get back to my regular uploading schedule: a new post every Sunday (and maybe even Thursday if I have time!)
Do you lovelies have some Easter favourites?! I’d love to know!

Have an amazing week!


14 thoughts on “Easter Favourites

      1. You’re welcome! I’ll have to go and have a smell of them soon 🙂 p.s how do you get little emoji things on your blogposts? I can literally only do a smiley face or a love heart haha xx

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