New Runners

It’s finally spring and that means we can actually go outside to workout! IMG_0951
Not too long ago, I headed to the shoe store with my mom and sister to just check out a couple running shoes and I actually ended up buying them (you only live once right!!)
Yes I have like 3 pairs of runners but I had my reasons

Having been on the running team in high school and college and doing a bunch of exercise during my life, I’ve realized that the shoes you wear REALLY can affect your body

For me, ankle problems have been a huge concern. In the past, I had to go see an osteopath because my ankle would swell up and be in sooo much pain when I would run and the amount of problems that it caused in my body was frustrating (back pain, knee pain…)

I used to run with these “running” shoes that
1. had no support around the ankle
2. no cushioning for my feet
3. an arch that was way too much for my foot

Having had these problems, it helped me realize that even if a shoe says running (like nike free run) it does NOT mean its good for running. Yes there are people who love the feeling of the “barefoot run” and thats fine but I think that you have to build up to that and see how your body reacts to different levels of cushioning. Most of those “free run” style shoes are good for the gym or everyday kind of stuff not distance or cross-country running really.

When I bought my new runners I made sure to get good cushioning, support and quality! Before even going to the store I did my research and thank god because the amount of running shoes to choose from is insane! I chose the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2’s and I just love them so much!!!

I love these runners, they are super supportive, pretty and affordable! AND keep in mind that these pictures were taken after a 3.5 km run in puddles and dirt so its fair to say I’m impressed at how easily all dirt comes off (they look like new)!

I definitely recommend these to anyone looking to buy new running shoes that provide good cushioning and just a really comfy run (never thought I’d use those words together)

New Balance Women’s Shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2


5 thoughts on “New Runners

  1. They’re adorable! Definitely need to step up my runner game. Tagged you (again) for the Liebster Award! Hopefully you don’t mind doing it twice on your blog – I’d love to hear the answers to my questions XO

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