Fitness Apps // New Gear

For the past 2 weeks I have been the least productive gym rat ever…I didn’t go NOT ONCE!
Bare in mind I did exercise like dancing, skiing, skating…

After this gym drought of mine I finally went back this week and no surprise, I felt drained and exhausted so much faster then usual. I needed some motivation and these apps are a total kickstarter for me!

So here are my favourite fitness apps and one piece of fitness gear I now love!

  1. Running Cell Phone Armband

    Yes I feel like everyone has had these forever and I am just so late to the party. I ordered one on eBay and it was actually pretty decent for 1,50$ but it took so long to deliver that I had lost hope and bought one at Winners (Good Job Emma)

    Honestly, I’ve started to use this thing at the gym and outside and its fantastic!
    It stays super well on my arm and I can still use the phone through the clear plastic!

    If I had to choose between the ebay 1,50$ one and the LMNT Sport one for 10$, I’d pick the more expensive one only because it is better quality and will probably last longer without wearing out!

    LMNT Sport Arm Band (couldn’t find their website)
    Ebay Armbands


  2. Nike Running App

    The first app I love (that also goes hand-in-hand with the arm band) is Nike’s Running app.

    This gem of an application not only tracks your pace, speed, distance and so much more as you run but it also gives you heads ups on your achievements like farthest run, fastest run…

    I love this app because it is just so encouraging and helps you focus on improving your runs whether thats on a treadmill, road, track or trail!

    And did I mention it’s free and no wifi or data is needed for this app to work!

    Nike+ Running App in Apple Store
    Nike+ Running in Google Play Store


  3. Nike Training Club Application

    Nike can do no wrong. Not only does it win with its awesome running app but they also have an amazing FREE workout application.

    This phone application gives you free workouts from pro-trainers directly from the app and you decide the time, intensity, target area and more!

    The app even lets you create 4 week programs using the workouts found in the application, I mean can it get any better!!

    Nike Training Club in Apple Store
    Nike Training Club in Google Play Store


  4. Nike+ Fuel

    I’ll be honest, this one isn’t as essential as the others, actually unless you have the nike fuel wrist band (which I don’t) there is practically no use or it. practically
    All of Nike’s apps have one thing in common: they track your exercise in Nike Fuel points instead of calories which actually puts everyone at the same level!

    I love this concept because calories annoy me, I think it just makes me feel terrible for eating a certain food and then not burning the same amount…
    For whatever reason I don’t like calorie counting, the Fuel points are perfect and make me feel AWESOME every time I finish a workout!

    My friend and I sort of have a “game/competition” based on these apps: we constantly have to beat each other in terms of Nike Fuel points! This makes us pumped to workout and have to workout because it sucks to lose haha!

    Essentially, I use the Nike Fuel app to track my points accumulated for both the nike training club app and the running app (which for some reason don’t seem to sync together at all for me, bummer)

    Nike Fuel App

  5. My Fitness Pal

    I have talked about this app before and for good reason, it lets you keep track of the food you eat the exercise you are doing everyday.

    As I mentioned before, I hate the idea of counting calories so I use this app primarily for making sure I am getting enough of each vitamin, nutrient…

    My Fitness Pal App
    Check out my post here for more on the app


Hope some of these apps help you in your fitness journey and give you a bit of motivation on those days you just don’t want to exercise at all!
Thanks for reading




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