DIY Photo Wall

This is going to be a very short blog post because this is one of the easiest DIY projects ever and it looks amazing!
I got inspired by ideas from Pinterest (obviously) and my Tumblr page! I love the look of Tumblr pages, where all the pictures collage randomly to create this awesome mosaic.

You can find the link to my Tumblr and Pinterest HERE !

To create this photo wall it is super simple

  1. Create a folder with all the pictures you would want to print (I had printed a lot more then the ones you see on the wall so don’t be afraid to have more then you need, it gives you more choice!)
  2. I then put all the pictures onto my usb to bring to the store! I was able to print them at the booth at my local drug store but there are so many places this can be done for a very low price (0.12 $CANย a pictures)
  3. If you don’t have a store that prints images or you want to do it yourself its super simple! Use your printer with photo paper and the instructions usually come with the package of glossy photo printer paper!
  4. Once you’ve got all your pictures printed you can use sticky tack to stick all the pictures to your wall in a pretty mosaic!

I hope this helps all you lovelies decorate your rooms in a totally pretty (but easy) way!

I’ll talk to you all soon,




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