Trip To Quebec City

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About two weeks ago I headed off to Quebec City with my family for my sister’s ringette tournament!

For some reason my family had always been going to the Ottawa Winterlude instead of the Carnaval du Quebec. Both these festivals are awesome and a lot of fun for everyone. So we were super pumped to be going to this winter carnaval for the first time!

The Ottawa Winterlude definitely takes the cake for me when it comes to winter festivals because there are beautiful ice sculptures to go see and after having a hot cocoa and a beaver tail you get to go skate along the rideau canal with different activities and stuff to see as you skate along.

Le Carnaval de Quebec is awesome too but most of the activities really require you to wait FOREVER in line and the snow sculptures aren’t really as impressive as the ones in Ottawa.  This festival is much more awesome for kids, if I had gone there when I was younger I would have been freaking out at all the awesome games I could take part in. One thing to keep in mind is that this year wasn’t great weather, it was probably too mild for a lot of the planned activities and I didn’t go to the parade at night (but I wish I had because it’s supposed to be beautiful)!

The biggest flaw for me was the cost. While the Winterlude doesn’t cost you a penny unless you’re buying food (like a beaver tail – which is a MUST) or renting skates or something, Le Carnaval de Quebec charges you 15$ each to get that little snowman tag which lets you get into the festival. Let me put this into perspective: that’s 60$ for a family of 4 and 75$ for a family of 5 even if that’s just for one day or a couple hours in our case (CRAZY in my opinion).

Don’t get me wrong here, I loved Quebec City, it’s beautiful and has so much history but the carnaval definitely did not meet my expectations. We had so much fun visiting Vieux Quebec, Le Chateau Frontenac, the Plaines D’Abraham and the Citadelle de Quebec. There is so much history in this city that it’s amazing to even just walk around.

We finished off our visit by climbing up onto the fortress (Citadelle de Quebec) along the Plaines D’Abraham that pretty much looked over the Saint-Laurence River and a lot of Le Vieux Quebec! It’s a beautiful city that I would 100% go back to visit in a heartbeat.

Most of the pictures are taken in Vieux Quebec with my Sister!!

Carnaval de Quebec

Ottawa Winterlude

Beaver Tails (The MUST EAT food in any Canadian Winter Carnaval)

P.S. It’s not actually a Beaver’s tail, it’s fried dough. I can totally picture it in my head: Canadian’s eating fried beaver tails in a Carnaval where they wait in line to enter ice castles made for a snowman 😂


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