December Favourites

December was a pretty crazy month. I had my final exams, Christmas shopping, a road trip to Ontario and a huge snowstorm right before New Years. All this and I still managed to have a couple favourites during the month. This includes clothing, food, makeup, jewellery and accessories!


I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before but I love cinnamon and when I say I love it I mean I try to get everything in this flavour when I can. I’ve been able to get cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon tea, cinnamon cookies and the list goes on but the one cinnamon flavoured thing I just can’t get over is lattes and fraps.

Starbucks has managed to come up with the most awesome drink ever (to me at least)! About 4 months ago, during the summer, I checked the Starbucks site for the different types of Frappuccino’s (best drink in the summer) and ended up discovering the cinnamon roll frap and the cinnamon dolce frap and fell in love with them. Only this month did I find out they had a latte with the same flavours. Obviously this drink is not on display in the store so you wouldn’t know if you didn’t search it up (why Starbucks why).

These Lattes taste AMAZING, just like a cinnamon roll that’s been melted into a nice warm drink and its even better if you get it with whip cream and you sprinkle cinnamon on top (I’m drooling just writing about it)! I’m going to be honest, I don’t drink coffee, and I only really drink fancy coffee like lattes and stuff like that with crazy flavours and cute names. So if you’re like me and don’t really have the taste buds that are ready for full on coffee yet then this is the drink for you my friends.


My next favourite is kind of odd because I feel like everyone has these and wears them all the time. I’m talking about small navy blue zip hoodies. I have two: one from Hollister and one from Abercrombie and Fitch. I got both of these during December as a hand-me-down and as a gift. They are great because they go with so much and aren’t too big. I’ve always had this problem with hoodies where they are either too small and need to be worn only with tank tops and other hoodies that are just so oversized its kind of odd when you wear a jacket or coat over it.

These zip hoodies are the best mostly during the winter in Canada. At least here in Montreal, buildings and houses are heated like crazy so you just die of heat and you end up comfortable in a t-shirt but then when you head outside it’s freezing so a long sleeve is necessary, the perfect compromise is zip hoodies. I haven’t stopped wearing mine since the weather started getting colder in Montreal for the winter.

I couldn’t find the exact hoodies I have but ill try to link other options that are really similar.

Abercrombie Sweatshirts (super similar)

Hollister Sweatshirts (Super similar)

Cheaper Options @ Forever21


Another clothing item I haven’t been able to stop wearing is my night robe. For the past couple years I haven’t really used one because I only had this blue polka dot one from like Christmas 6 years ago. So after a long time, I decided why not and bought one at Winners (TJMax in the USA). I haven’t stopped wearing it since, its super comfortable and awesome when I’m studying at home or doing homework and feel cold or when I want to be a little warmer right before bed or after waking up. I found one that has an amazingly soft fleece type of lining by Nicole Miller.


I’ll link any similar ones I can find because I can’t seem to find the Nicole Miller one anywhere online?!?

Similar option

Similar but fluffier

When it comes to makeup I don’t really have many monthly favourites because I tend to DSC_3418
use the same exact products time after time. When I say I’m new with this whole makeup thing I mean it because I’ve only really started wearing eyeliner this December for Christmas parties and stuff like that and now I absolutely love it. I like the way it puts an emphasis on my eyes and changes my look a bit compared to when I tried to keep my makeup as natural as possible (I still do)! Last year in March, my sister had bought me this awesome eyeliner: Stiletto by Maybelline, which I didn’t end up using very much till this month.

This liquid eyeliner is awesome because it makes it easy to apply eyeliner and mostly to make wings (which I am still trying to master). It kind of seems like one of those paintbrush shaped pens and it doesn’t let out too much of the eyeliner product. It’s a great product that I will definitely be buying again.

Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner

Last but definitely not least, one product I’ve already raved about like crazy is the Clean & Clear foam makeup remover that just does miracles when it comes to taking off your makeup in one shot.

You can check out my bog post about it here!

Here are a couple other of my favourites for this month:

Navy Baseball Caps – I love the look of these now (so random now that it’s winter) and the way they make any outfit look laid back and casual plus an added bonus that they give protection from the sun!

Bags from Cesco – These bags are gorgeous and look like crazy expensive designer bags but can be found at Winners (aka TJMax)


Alex and Ani Bracelets – I will definitely be writting about these in the next few months because they are gorgeous and are super awesome because they have like meanings and so many different designs.



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